M3 Mini Storage, all properties self-owned, mini storage deed, has passed all inspections by the Fire Services and Buildings Department.

New Territories M3 Storage

Location of New Territories Mini Storage M3

The geographic location of New Territories M3 Storage makes it one of the most convenient storage options in the New Territories. Not only is it easily connected to major transport routes, but it is also close to many business centers and residential areas, offering unmatched convenience and accessibility to its customers. Whether you are a business client or an individual user, the comprehensive facilities and services of Taipo Mini Storage M3 can meet your needs.

M3 Storage features a modern interior design and offers a variety of storage unit sizes, suitable for everything from small personal items to large commercial goods storage. Each storage unit is equipped with advanced security systems, including 24-hour video surveillance and secure access control systems, ensuring the safety and security of your items.

Reception Access Time
Monday to Saturday 10 am to 7 pm* 24-hour open access
Sunday and Public Holidays Closed 24-hour open access
* For visits, please call 6498 1999 to schedule an appointment.

M3 Storage Transportation


Tai Wo Station Exit B
About a 10-minute walk


20A 20B 20C 20K


Take bus 75K from Tai Po Market MTR Station

Private Car

Tai Ping Industrial Centre has hourly rental parking spaces, and there are also public metered parking spaces nearby on Ting Kok Road

Taipo Mini Storage M3 is located at Room D, 15th Floor, Block 1, Tai Ping Industrial Centre, 57 Ting Kok Road, Tai Po, New Territories, and can be reached by MTR, minibus, and bus, making it conveniently accessible. M3 Mini Storage in Taipo enjoys a strategic location, situated midway between Sha Tin, Fo Tan, Fanling, and Sheung Shui, covering most of the transport network. If taking the MTR to Tai Wo Mini Storage M3, guests can choose to walk about ten minutes from Tai Wo Station Exit B, or take a minibus (20A 20B 20C 20K) or bus (75K) to Tai Po Tai Ping Industrial Centre.

The first car park in Tai Ping Industrial Centre has hourly rental parking spaces for guests to transport large items or use private cars to visit the mini storage, and there are also public metered parking spaces nearby.Taipo M3 Mini Storage is close to several large residential estates, shopping malls, and public facilities, with nearby attractions like Tai Po Mega Mall, Tai Po Plaza, Tai Po Swimming Pool, and Tai Po Sports Ground, convenient for guests to enjoy recreational activities after using the mini storage. Whether you are in Fanling or Sheung Shui, far in Fo Tan or Sha Tin, it only takes about ten to twenty minutes to reach Tai Po Tai Ping Industrial Centre, making this convenient mini storage a must-have..

New Territories M3 Storage

M3 Storage stands out in the New Territories mini storage industry with its innovative customer service. They focus on providing personalized New Territories mini storage solutions for a variety of clients, ranging from families and students to businesses and special hobbyists. New Territories Mini Storage M3 offers tailor-made storage spaces to suit these diverse needs. Additionally, New Territories Mini Storage M3 provides professional and secure storage services for special items, such as artworks and precious documents, ensuring they are optimally protected in specific environments. New Territories Mini Storage M3 is not just a storage space; it is a provider that fully understands and meets the diverse needs of its clients.

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Guaranteed Safety – M3 Storage

Guaranteed Safety! M3 Storage in Taipo is one of the few in Hong Kong that has passed all fire inspections, fully complying with all fire regulations and requirements, ensuring compliance and safety.