M3 Mini Storage, all properties self-owned, mini storage deed, has passed all inspections by the Fire Services and Buildings Department.

M3 Storage Frequently Asked Questions

Mini Storage Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the M3 Storage FAQ page, which provides a comprehensive guide to our mini storage rental services. You will find detailed information about 24-hour access rights, office hours, registration procedures, security standards, storage facilities, and services. Additionally, we have answered common questions regarding rental terms, size choices of mini storages, restrictions on stored items, moving services, and payment methods. This information will help you better understand our services and ensure you make an informed decision when choosing M3 Storage.

Registered customers can access all day with a smart card.

Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm, closed on public holidays.

Minimum one month's rent, two months' deposit, identification, and proof of address.

Fully complies with the standards and regulations of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department.

Provides 24-hour constant temperature air conditioning to ensure a dry storage environment.

The minimum rental period is prepay one month, up to prepay 12 months, with discounts for paying 3 - 12 months in advance.

A variety of sizes are available, from 9 to over 84 square feet.

Storage of flammable, explosive, chemicals, and other legally controlled items is prohibited.

Moving services provided by partners are available, with discounts upon mention during reservation.

Only for storage purposes, not to be used as an office or studio.

Accepts cash, cheque, bank transfer, Faster Payment System (FPS), or Alipay.

Location of Taipo Storage M3

Reception Access Time
Monday to Saturday 10 am to 7 pm* 24-hour open access
Sunday and Public Holidays Closed 24-hour open access
* For visits, please call 6498 1999 to schedule an appointment.