M3 Mini Storage, all properties self-owned, mini storage deed, has passed all inspections by the Fire Services and Buildings Department.

Your safe and comfortable storage choice, accessible anytime, anywhere, for easy storage

M3 Storage

M3 Storage was founded with the purpose of addressing the issue of insufficient living space due to Hong Kong’s narrow land and dense population, providing residents of Taipo and nearby areas with a convenient and economical storage solution. This includes Taipo storage and self-service storage services, intended to enhance their living quality.

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Easy Access to Taipo Mini Storage

M3 Storage • All Self-Owned Properties • Mini Storage Deed • Passed All Fire and Building Department Approvals

M3 Storage, located in the scenic Taipo Tai Ping Industrial Center, is easily accessible and close to bustling residential areas. Our Taipo warehouse is specially designed for the storage of valuables, providing round-the-clock temperature and humidity control systems, as well as advanced air circulation equipment, to ensure the best protection for your precious belongings. The smart card self-service entry system allows customers the freedom to access their items anytime, enjoying a convenient and modern storage experience.

Facing the government’s strict enhancement of fire safety standards for mini storages, our professional team has already invested significant resources to ensure that our facilities perform excellently in all fire and building standard inspections, perfectly complying with the latest legal requirements.

Taipo M3 Storage, with innovative thinking, meets diverse customer needs, offering private storage units ranging from a compact 9 square feet to a spacious over 84 square feet. Whether for short-term storage or long-term collection, there is a suitable choice for everyone. From business documents to household items, from seasonal clothing to sports equipment, and even large furniture and artwork, M3 Storage provides a one-stop, flexible storage solution, taking care of every detail of your storage needs. Step into M3 and start your extraordinary storage journey.

Start $549

12 square feet

Start $649

14 square feet

Start $798

16 square feet

Start $910

20 square feet

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Introduction to Taipo Mini Storage M3

大埔迷你倉 M3storage 大埔倉 新界迷你倉 儲存倉服務

2.4m Wide Passage

Fireproof interval, at least 1m from the ceiling

大埔迷你倉 M3storage 大埔倉 新界迷你倉 儲存倉服務

Automatic Alarm System

Fire alarm messages directly to the fire station

大埔迷你倉 M3storage 大埔倉 新界迷你倉 儲存倉服務

24-Hour High-Definition Surveillance Recording

24-hour high-definition CCTV surveillance recording

大埔迷你倉 M3storage 大埔倉 新界迷你倉 儲存倉服務

Compliant with Legal Requirements

Rescue windows and unobstructed windows

Smart Card 24-Hour Access Record

24-Hour Surveillance Recording

24-Hour Air-Conditioning, Constant Temperature and Humidity Control, Clean and Dry Storage Environment

Passed All Fire Inspections

Flexible Rental Periods, Catering to Different Customer Needs

Area from 9 to 84 square feet

Free WIFI Usage

Free Use of Trolleys and Folding Ladders Inside the Facility

Convenient Transportation, Accessible by Multiple Public Bus and Minibus Routes

Hourly Rental Parking Spaces Available in the Building
Also Equipped with Cargo Platforms for Easy Loading and Unloading

Taipo Storage M3 is one of the few mini storages in Hong Kong that has passed all fire inspections [Ref. (458) in FP 16/80352ATE (686959) and (677) in FP 16/80352ATE(TP) (808136)], fully compliant with all fire regulations and requirements. Taipo Storage M3 has a comprehensive fire safety system, including fireproof intervals, rescue windows comprising 2% of the total floor area, unobstructed windows comprising 6.25% of the total floor area, automatic fire alarm system: danger messages instantly reach the fire station, and fire sprinkler hose reel, all fire safety facilities are fully equipped. Taipo Mini Storage M3 also fully complies with the Building Department’s regulations: with 2.4m wide passages and a warehouse ceiling height of at least 1m. The property at Taipo Tai Ping Industrial Center of Taipo Mini Storage M3 is also self-owned, ensuring long-term storage security for customers.

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