M3 Mini Storage, all properties self-owned, mini storage deed, has passed all inspections by the Fire Services and Buildings Department.

Guaranteed Safety – M3 Storage

Guaranteed Safety! M3 Storage in Taipo is one of the few in Hong Kong that has passed all fire inspections, fully complying with all fire regulations and requirements, ensuring compliance and safety.

There is no need to worry about planning or equipment issues related to fire hazards, nor about moving after signing the contract. According to the following news, currently about 70% of mini storages in Hong Kong have not passed fire inspections, and in the short term, mini storages of various sizes will need to be rebuilt, relocate existing customers to other locations, or even cease operations. Is the storage you’re renting compliant with fire safety standards? From now until February 28, 2020, switching to our mini storage can get you up to one month free and the latest offers. For reservations or inquiries, please call: 6498 1999

Source: https://www.hk01.com

Following the Ngau Tau Kok Mini Storage Level 4 Fire in 2016, the Fire Services Department strengthened regulations on fire safety standards for mini storages. According to the department, as of April 30 this year, 3,015 fire hazards were identified in 865 mini storages, and ‘Fire Hazard Abatement Notices’ were issued to their owners. Nearly 60% of these hazards, or 1,795 items, have been eliminated, and 122 mini storages have fully complied with all notices.

It is estimated that there are currently over 600 mini storages operating in the market, meaning about a quarter have ceased operations. Data shows that out of about 600 mini storages, 167 comply with relevant fire regulations, accounting for about 27%; 462 have been issued ‘Notices’ but have not fully complied, with about 300 undergoing improvement works as required.

Fire Services Department Director Lee Kin-yat said this afternoon (23rd) during a media tea session that the five major safety hazards in mini storages include unobstructed exits and entranceways, exit escape signs, fire hose reel settings, as well as layout and window ventilation issues. The latter two, involving partition modifications, are the most problematic and may involve building deeds, requiring time for operators to discuss improvement works with owners. The department will grant extensions to comply with the notices after issuance and will continue inspections. Failure to actively improve will result in prosecution.

Modern Home Materials are More Flammable

Apart from mini storages, the fire hazards in homes should not be overlooked. The Fire Services Department previously built houses in Lung Kwu Tan, Tuen Mun, to simulate home environments for testing. They found that old-style solid wood furniture is flame-resistant for about 20 minutes, while current commonly used home materials are more flammable. Items made of synthetic materials, such as plastic carpets and curtains, can flash ignite within 3 minutes, and radiant heat can turn the scene into a blaze, increasing the difficulty of extinguishing the fire.

The department launched a risk-based inspection plan last year, strengthening inspections of subdivided units and Ginza-style buildings, in addition to hotels and oil depots. Inspections include checking fire escape routes and public passages to ensure they are unobstructed. They will also enhance education and promotion of ‘Emergency Three Knows’: fire extinguishing, self-rescue, and escape. Citizens are reminded to regularly check electrical appliances, avoid using batteries of unknown origin, and not to charge overnight, among other precautions.

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